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VP of Engineering (f/m/x)

Germany, Berlin, Berlintech

Job description

About 🍋

We're on a mission to open 100 million brokerage accounts within the next ten years. Providing tech companies with the infrastructure to launch stock trading in Europe. To do so we are building a brokerage API beloved by the developer community.

Over the last 12 months, we focused on bringing the first version of the API to the market. Thousands of developers signed up and hundreds started to build their individual use cases with us. This resulted in 80+ inquiries from companies to launch their own stock trading UI with With 15 million EUR of fresh funding, we are now taking the next steps towards our mission: Building out our capabilities to allow (Fin)tech companies to offer stock trading to their customers.

We have experienced first-hand that brokerage infrastructure is broken. It’s a messy and complex problem that will take time to solve. But that’s exactly what we enjoy. Going to places nobody else dares and shielding our customers from the biggest pain. This not only creates tons of value when done right, but attracts the smartest minds.

One of our core beliefs at is that outlier companies are built by exceptional people. For that, we need a technical leader that balances high precision execution with inspirational & strategic leadership. Giving you a real seat at the table and the opportunity to build and scale the technical architecture of one of the outlier companies of Europe in the decade to come.

Join us and help build out an exceptional engineering team that delivers the infrastructure to enable Europe’s tech companies to venture into brokerage.

What objectives you will follow:

50% Building: Collaborating close with the product team, designing architecture, refining & facilitating tech decisions

25% Coding: Being hands-on and designing & developing our technical architecture & infrastructure

25% People: Building & developing a high performing & diverse teams that attract other talent

  • Put our customers first. You are eager to contribute to our product development and go-to-market strategy by prioritizing our customers' needs first without questioning.

  • Balance hands-on and strategic work with your team to reach our milestones and deliver on the strategy.

  • Be part of the leadership team that drives the strategy and development of the company

  • Build a highly inclusive culture ensuring team members thrive, guide them, and enable them to create high-quality output.

  • Thrive for automation and optimization in all our technical processes and lead by example.

  • Be problem obsessed & ensure high quality by default, while not being opinionated about the solution that gets us there.

What you will be responsible for:

  • Design the technical architecture of our platform and facilitate the most important technical decisions

  • Lead the technical development for our brokerage platform (APIs & User Interfaces)

  • Define and further develop the tech stack and service providers we use (we currently use Python, FastAPI, Node,js, React.js, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, PostgreSQL)

  • Guarantee the stability and security of our platform

  • Grow our engineering team by hiring and developing our engineering talent and help them grow with mentorship and coaching on relevant skills

  • Collaborate to build an internally strong engineering culture that is driven by clear principles that attract great engineers to join

  • Have a hands-on approach and work on the code together with our engineers

  • Participate, lead and engage in the regular team ceremonies

  • Managing tech budget

Job requirements

Who are you:

  • 8 + years of working experience within engineering in different industries preferably Fintech, SaaS, Big Data or E-commerce.

  • Around 3-4 years of profound technical leadership experience at the C-level in a smaller organization or as an engineering lead in a larger organization. This means, you have led one or multiple teams (10-15 engineers) in an agile and fast-paced environment.

  • You understand the challenges of an early-stage start-up and enjoy steering the company's technical vision while still being hands-on.

  • Brokerage, payment, or financial services excite you, and ideally, you had prior touch points to Fintech professionally.

  • You have profound experience in API-first architectures and you understand how to build scalable technology landscapes and yet are able to start small and deliver value to our customers early and frequently.

  • You ideally had still hands-on coding experience within the last 2 years

  • You have deep experience in hosting services in the cloud ideally with AWS

  • You are well versed in designing and maintaining high performance & high availability applications that have hundreds of thousands of users.

  • ​​You are a humble leader that can inspire others. You know how to encourage relationships, and develop a strong sense of collaboration across the whole team and individually.

  • You are a skilled communicator and accelerator for growth/innovation

How we take care of you:

⚙️Thrive in a Tech-driven environment: We are truly an API-first company, developing products designed for & beloved by developers. Technology is at the core of what we do.

🤩Build a product that customers love: You will be part of the team that solves a real problem on the market, and is passionate about developing best-in-class solutions that excite our customers.

💎Make a real impact: Shape the experience for our customers and us alike. Guide the team on all important technology decisions to bring the brokerage API live. Lay the foundation for many companies to come to offer brokerage services.
🕑Flexible working hours: We value focus time. Encouraging everyone to minimize fixed meetings and leverage asynchronous communication.
💻Build your perfect setup: Mac/Linux, Mechanical Keyboard, Screen. These are not expenses but investments. Please tell us what is needed to make you productive, and we will take care of it.
🏢 Onsite first, but remote flexible: We all believe that in-person collaboration is an integral part of working together, but we offer flexibility for remote working. Once a quarter the whole team meets for our offsite to hone this belief. If you are not based in Berlin just yet, we will provide assistance with relocation.

🎯Ambitious but focused strategy: We are building a financial institution from the ground up. Having gathered a team of experts from within (fin)tech - we have a clear strategy for our goals and execution.

📈 Grow with us: We take your personal development seriously, meaning that we make sure to constantly mentor and challenge you. You will have access to a wide network of highly experienced technical leaders / CTOs via our Angel Investors & VC portfolio companies. So you can take the next level on your personal trajectory, towards becoming a CTO.
👶🏽 Create your perfect setup: Whether you are having a family or a passion that you want to follow on the side. We want to offer you a setting that fits your current stage in life.

🚀Competitive compensation package: We will offer you a mix of cash and a significant stock options grant.

About the process

As an equal opportunity employer, is committed to building an inclusive workplace. The company welcomes people from all different backgrounds, including age, citizenship, ethnic and racial origins, gender identities, individuals with disabilities, marital status, religions and ideologies, and sexual orientations to apply.

Hiring can be an exhausting process, especially when you're the one getting hired. Therefore, we aim to make this experience fast and transparent for you. You will spend a lot of time with Max to build a meaningful relationship throughout the process before meeting the leadership team and our board to meet all the key people you will work with. Tell us what you need to make a knowledgeable decision on your next move, we’ll make it happen.


  1. Introductory Call with Max - Co-Founder | 30 minutes

  2. Meet one of our investors - 30 Minutes

Deep Dive:

  1. Deep Dive into our technical principles (Engineering team) | 60 minutes

  2. Deep Dive into status quo & strategy of (Max) | 60 minutes

Meet the Team: (onsite)

  1. Florian - Head of Product | 60 minutes

  2. Jasmin - Talent Lead | 30 minutes

  3. Team session | 60 minutes

Meet an Advisor:

  1. Meet a trusted advisor | 30 minutes