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Senior Infrastructure Engineer (f/m/x)

RemoteGermany, Berlin, BerlinTech - Infrastructure

Job description

Here at 🍋 .markets while reading and thinking about how to make the best Job Description for a Software Engineer, we got as bored as you of seeing the same generic and soulless text over and over again.

We believe that in 2022 to get people’s attention to join us we need to do something really different, that’s why we asked our CEO to dance on TikTok to convince you to join.

Job requirements

Weeell, hope you can code better than he can dance🕺 ! But, if that's not enough, you can take a look at our successes and failures on LinkedIn, Blog, YouTube to discover a bit more about who we are and what we do. Spoiler alert: we are building an API to buy & sell stocks 💪

Currently, we are looking for a senior problem solver who has 3+ years of experience in: Amazon Web Services, Kubernetes and Terraform

Experience in one of the following technologies is a bonus➕ :
ArgoCD | Datadog | KSQL | Kafka | Networking experience (TransitGateway, VPC Peering, VPN) | Security experience


"hours": 40, // -- Default: 40hrs; Min: 20hrs; Max: 40hrs
"holidays": 25, // -- Default: 25d; Min: 20d; Max: 30d
    "salary": "?", // -- Min: 50K; Max: 120K
    "shares": "?", // -- Mandatory
"clothing": { "hoodie": 1, "t-shirt": 1, "pair-socks": 2 },
"equipment": { "laptop": ?, "screen": ?, ...},
    "location": "remote", // -- Options: remote | germany | spain


- meetings_per_week:
min : 1
max: 3
        description: fewer meetings than in your last job
        min: 1
        max: 3
        description: manageable amount of chaos
        frequency: every
        description: to remember that we are all human
        frequency: quarterly
        description: optional to generate lasting memories with the team

About the process

Hiring can be an exhausting process, especially when you're the one trying to get hired. Therefore, we try to make this a fast and transparent process. Additionally, you will always have one contact person guiding you through the process and helping you to schedule meetings, and setting you up on a path of success. Your process will look like this:
    1. Get to know each other | 30 minutes
    2. Technical chat with a member of the DevOps team | 60 minutes
    3. Tech talk with our CTO Matias | 30 minutes
    4. Meet the Founder Max | 30 minutes chat