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Senior Backend Engineer (f/m/x)

  • Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Tech - Backend

Job description

About 🍋

Our mission is providing better opportunities to invest in capital markets. By empowering FinTechs and Banks to offer investment products, we help create financial well-being for their customers. In pursuit of this goal we strive to open 100 million securities accounts within Europe in this decade. builds infrastructure for financial services and technology companies powering the next generation of investment products. From enabling a FinTech to launch their first investment product, over allowing e.g. a Neobank to embed investing into their product to bringing investing into a completely new context. Our API-first infrastructure makes launching an investment product customer-centric and compliant. We abstract all complexity for our partners through a well documented API, a self-service customer operations portal and operating in a clear regulatory framework. Enabling partners to launch in weeks, not months.

We have experienced first hand that brokerage infrastructure is broken. Building an investment product used to be highly expensive, challenging and cumbersome. We ease this pain by shielding our partners & their customers from the underlying complexity - and with that we make investing more accessible to everyone. Because that’s exactly what we enjoy, going to places nobody else dares and solving hard problems. This not only creates tons of value when done right, but attracts the smartest minds - because outlier companies are built by exceptional (& diverse) people like you.

Your Mission:

As Senior Backend Engineer at you will play a key role in designing the backend services and architecture of our brokerage API platform that will allow other companies to easily embed investing into their product. You will take ownership of features and services end to end in cross functional teams, ensuring they run smoothly on production. That means, you will focus on the areas of the Customer Lifecycle, Order Lifecycle or Post-Trade processes - making sure our Core Platform & Systems around it are reliable & scalable.

Our Tech Stack is Python, FastAPI, AWS and Postgres. While you can have worked in different modern tech stacks prior, you should be excited to work in Python and learn it if you haven’t worked with it before.

You will have a significant impact on the development of our core Platform & Systems - and thereby architectural decisions as well as on the business itself. Work along side a cross functional team of experts and together we will leverage your previous experiences to build the investment infrastructure for the next 100 million retail investors in Europe.

About you:

  • You have the ability to write well-structured and tested code in more than one high-level programming languages like Golang, Python, Java or Ruby, plus another language such as Javascript or Typescript.
  • You’ve gained good experience with software in a cloud environment (AWS, GCP or Azure) and the architectural patterns for this environment.
  • You have a good understanding of more than one document-based or relational database technology such as MySQL/PostgreSQL or MongoDB
  • You have proven experience designing and implementing highly scalable architecture and reliable REST APIs and bring the desire to make them world-class.
  • You know how to write high-quality code that is understandable, maintainable and well tested, and can guide other engineers to do the same via code reviews.
  • You have good problem-solving skills and the ability to provide in-depth evaluations and analyses of unique and complex technological issues.
  • You have a track record of designing, building and operating reliable and scalable backend systems as part of a cross functional team.

Job requirements

You will be successful in this role if:

  • Growing investment opportunities excites you. We operate in a highly regulated environment and therefore having worked prior in a Fintech or financial Service provider would give you a head start, but at least you understand what developing financial products means.
  • You see yourself as a product engineer. That means, you are excited by solving customer problems and strive to become an expert in the domain area you are working in.
  • You enjoy building from scratch. This means high involvement in the product development process itself while advocating for the best engineering practices. It also means that you enjoy taking technical decisions.
  • You are ready and willing to take ownership of problems and act on them decisively with no supervision. You always thrive for high quality outcomes through focus, determination and attention to detail.
  • You are a team player. Working together as a team, sharing knowledge & providing mentorship comes naturally to you. Long term - you consider becoming a team lead.
  • You have no problem with learning new technologies on the go. You try to solve problems with more things than the ones you already know. We will always enable you with that, but your willingness has to come first.
  • You understand what working in a startup or a similar lean organisation is like. You can move quickly and focus on what's truly important.

We're looking for people with passion, desire to learn and that are team players. You're encouraged to apply even if your experience doesn't precisely match the job description. Your skills and passion will stand out & set you apart—especially if your career has taken some extraordinary twists and turns. welcomes people from all different backgrounds, including age, citizenship, ethnic and racial origins, gender identities, individuals with disabilities, marital status, religions and ideologies, and sexual orientations to apply.

How we take care of you:

🚀Competitive compensation package:

We will offer you a mix of cash and stock options based on your appetite for upside.

💎Make a real impact:

Shape the experience for our customers and us alike. Decide on tools, processes and the architecture design of our API, while building, learning and growing together.

🕑Flexible working hours:

We value focus time. Encouraging everyone to minimise fixed meetings and leverage asynchronous communication.

💻Build your perfect setup:

Mac/Linux, Mechanical Keyboard, Screen. These are not expenses but investments. Please tell us what is needed to make you productive, and we will take care of it.

🏢 Onsite first, but remote flexible:

We all believe that in - person collaboration is an integral part of working together, but offer flexibility for remote working. Once a quarter the whole team meets for our offsite to honer this belief. In case you want to relocate to Berlin, we can provide assistance and visa sponsorship.

📈 Grow with us:

We take your personal development seriously, meaning that we make sure to constantly mentor and challenge you so that you can reach your next level and beyond.

👶🏽 Get the flexibility you need:

Whether you have a family or a passion that you want to follow on the side. We want to offer you a setting that fits your current stage in life.

About the process:

  1. Get to know us - Talent - Jasmin | 40 minutes

  2. Technical Interview - VP Engineering  - Sam -  | 90 minutes

  3. Technical Task  + Review - Senior Backend Engineer  | 30 minutes

  4. Meet us @ HQ | 180 minutes

    1. System Design Session - Backend Engineers | 45 minutes

    1. Principle Session - a selection of lemoneers  | 45 minutes

    2. Product Session - Engineer & PM | 45 minutes