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Product Manager (f/m/x)

Berlin, Berlin, GermanyProduct

Job description

About 🍋

Our mission is providing better opportunities to invest in capital markets. By empowering FinTechs and Banks to offer investment products, we help create financial well-being for their customers. In pursuit of this goal we strive to open 100 million securities accounts within Europe in this decade. builds infrastructure for financial services and technology companies powering the next generation of investment products. From enabling a FinTech to launch their first investment product, over allowing e.g. a Neobank to embed investing into their product to bringing investing into a completely new context. Our API-first infrastructure makes launching an investment product customer-centric and compliant. We abstract all complexity for our partners through a well documented API, a self-service customer operations portal and operating in a clear regulatory framework. Enabling partners to launch in weeks, not months.

We have experienced first hand that brokerage infrastructure is broken. Building an investment product used to be highly expensive, challenging and cumbersome. We ease this pain by shielding our partners & their customers from the underlying complexity - and with that we make investing more accessible to everyone. Because that’s exactly what we enjoy, going to places nobody else dares and solving hard problems. This not only creates tons of value when done right, but attracts the smartest minds - because outlier companies are built by exceptional (& diverse) people like you.

Your Mission:

As Product Manager you will join the Product Development Team, responsible for shipping our brokerage API and platform. That means you will play a key role in go-to-market and the development of our product.

You will be part of our post-trade domain, that builds out and owns all systems and processes, that are required to settle securities transactions with our custodian, and all asset servicing capabilities (e.g. corporate actions). These capabilities are at the very core of our platform and determine our operating leverage and expansion into new asset classes.

At we value ownership a lot. Within your area of responsibility, you will drive work autonomously within your problem spaces. Working within the product team, you will report directly to our VP of Product. Together with our engineers you will team up to deliver high quality outcomes collaborate with lemoneers across Operations, Legal, AML, Finance & Compliance.

This is your opportunity to make an impact on our core product, shape the customer experience from the ground up and work with a team of passionate professionals alongside you. Together we will leverage your previous experiences to build the investment infrastructure for the next 100 million retail investors in Europe.

You will:

  • Lead our post-trade domain, take full accountability of your problem spaces & your deliverables.
  • Drive the discovery process with customers and internal stakeholders to identify problems, scope solutions and ensure an agile delivery.
  • Understand the underlying regulation and legislation of building investment infrastructure, diving deep into legal, regulatory & compliance matters if needed.
  • Build & drive our platform and internal tooling together with our engineers & customers alike.
  • Continuously collect feedback from our partners and customers and make sure we address & implement it.
  • Build and maintain relationships with our partners & vendors to foster co-development.
  • Fill in all gaps that you see to deliver the initial release of the platform.
  • Build a great product organization with us. Among the first Product managers you will lay the foundation for how product management is done here in

Job requirements

You will be successful in this role if:

  • You have gained relevant experience as a product manager, building complex, mission-critical platforms for financial products. Your path to product management can have taken some twists and turns, but prepared you well for working in cross-functional teams alongside Engineers & other domain experts.
  • You understand what building products in a highly regulated environment means. Ideally, you have worked prior at a Fintech or financial services provider. Understanding your responsibility being in the first line of defence.
  • You listen to your customers. Here at we believe that the best way to develop a product is to be obsessed with our customers. You will meet them regularly and make sure that their voice is heard at all times.
  • You enjoy building from scratch. Bringing a complex system live, working towards that alongside a cross-functional team every day & seeing your day-to-day impact in that is what gets you going.
  • You drive development with clear outcomes. We value delivering results a lot and challenge ourselves to create a clear, measurable impact for everything that we set out to do. That means working data-driven & documenting well.
  • You thrive on ownership. You are intrinsically motivated to create impact by delivering high quality outcomes for our customers by taking initiative and challenging the status quo.
  • You have a collaborative mindset. Working together as a team and sharing knowledge comes natural to you. While you will have a lot of autonomy delivering your projects, you understand the necessity of cross-functional work, a certain pragmatism & dedication to launch our platform.
  • You are a great communicator. Working in a start-up can be messy & unstructured at times, you’re able to sift through the noise, assess what's really critical. You create buy-in for your plans from your stakeholders by applying a strong writing culture.

We're looking for people with passion, desire to learn and that are team players. You're encouraged to apply even if your experience doesn't precisely match the job description. Your skills and passion will stand out & set you apart—especially if your career has taken some extraordinary twists and turns. welcomes people from all different backgrounds, including age, citizenship, ethnic and racial origins, gender identities, individuals with disabilities, marital status, religions and ideologies, and sexual orientations to apply.

How we take care of you:

🚀Competitive compensation package:

We will offer you a mix of cash and stock options based on your appetite for upside.

💎Make a real impact:

Shape the experience for our Partners and us alike. Decide on tools, processes and the core functionalities of our platform, while building, learning and growing together.

🕑Flexible working hours:

We value focus time. Encouraging everyone to minimise fixed meetings and leverage asynchronous communication.

💻Build your perfect setup:

Mac/Linux, Mechanical Keyboard, Screen. These are not expenses but investments. Please tell us what is needed to make you productive, and we will take care of it.

🏢 Onsite first, but remote flexible:

We all believe that in - person collaboration is an integral part of working together, but offer flexibility for working from home. Once a quarter the whole team meets for our offsite to honer this belief. In case you want to relocate to Berlin, we can provide assistance and visa sponsorship.

📈 Grow with us:

We take your personal development seriously, meaning that we make sure to constantly mentor and challenge you so that you can reach your next level and beyond.

👶🏽 Get the flexibility you need:

Whether you have a family or a passion that you want to follow on the side. We want to offer you a setting that fits your current stage in life.

About the process:

Hiring can be an exhausting process, especially when you're the one trying to get hired. Therefore, we try to make this a fast and transparent process. Your process will look like this:

  1. Get to know us - Talent - Jasmin | 40 minutes

  2. Product Management Deep Dive - VP Product - Florian -  | 60 minutes

  3. Meet the Leadership Team - Sam, VP Engineering - Max, Founder | 60 minutes

  4. Meet us @ HQ 

    1. Meet the Team - Engineers & PMs | 45 minutes

    2. Ask us Anything - a selection of lemoneers  | 45 minutes

    3. Case Study Discussion - Flo, VP Product - Sam, VP Engineering, Laura, VP Brokerage | 60 minutes