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Chief of Staff (f/m/x)

Germany, Berlin, Berlin

Job description

Your role will be to build leverage on our Co-Founder & CEO, Max, wherever you can. Having the bold ambition to open 100 million brokerage accounts in the next 10 years by providing every tech company in Europe with the infrastructure to integrate stock trading into their product. is building a brokerage API loved by the developer community. 🍋

To help us achieve this vision you will closely collaborate with Max on all topics related to company building, hiring, and strategy. Simply put this means you will always handle 2-3 really important projects at the same time. Those projects will have a lot of attention from the leadership team and direct board exposure. Your job is to ensure that those projects succeed and become self-sufficient with the job being done or a team being put in place to take over.

To form a meaningful relationship, you will receive a lot of trust, access, and information from the very first day. The combination of many inputs and a broad exposure will lead to a very steep learning curve. Making you the perfect example of how personal growth at can be embodied. As Max’s primary responsibility is to enable everyone at to do their best work. You will need to listen carefully to the whole organization in order to spot problems early and help resolve them swiftly, acting as a firefighter when necessary. To mark sure everyone is set up for success.

You can expect to do things you have never imagined or done beforehand. Your tasks will primarily involve the following subjects:

  • Preparing, structuring, and owning the day-to-day operations of running the most important company meetings including Leadership Team Meetings, Off-sites, and Company All Hands.
  • Leading strategic projects spanning across various functions with high impact on the company, from searching for the next office to building key relationships that grow our business.
  • Being extremely proactive and approachable to everyone in the company with a drive to help in problem-solving across the business as a whole, even if it is not your responsibility.
  • Creating structures and processes throughout the whole company reflecting our operating principles to help set up and implement company-wide objectives and key results.
  • Getting your hands dirty to do all kinds of grunt work when necessary. Covering the full range from small individual tasks to big projects across teams.
  • Acting as a sounding board to every idea and ensuring that all outgoing communication is aligned with our objectives.
  • Handling investor relations and Board Meeting preparations, and ensuring clean, accurate, and timely reporting to the investor base.
  • Supporting fundraising by owning the full preparation process for data room and deck, setting up the fundraising strategy, and helping in the execution.

This opportunity should accelerate your career trajectory. While getting deep insights into company building, hiring, and fundraising, you will develop a great toolkit for any entrepreneurial challenge. If you dream of founding your own company or want to play a long-term important role in building by leading your own team and becoming part of our C-Level, this is your best point of departure. 🚀

Job requirements

  • ⚡ You have experience in fast-paced environments. At least 2 years of working experience in startups, tech companies, or consulting, having learned the toolkit to organize yourself and others.
  • 🎲 You enjoy solving problems. You are able to handle multi-faceted workloads and are willing to completely own complex issues by yourself.
  • 👀 You never let anything fall down your plate. Being on top of things is what you are known for. Having no hesitation to follow up on people until the job gets done.
  • 🤝 You are a deeply empathic person. Possessing great interpersonal skills is a must, as you’ll be working cross-functionally with different teams and stakeholders and also act as the Founder’s Deputy.
  • ⏫ You are a jack of many trades. You are data-driven, analytical, a deep thinker, and understand financial modeling. Ready to dive into any topic that comes your way.
  • 🗣️ You enjoy decent written and verbal communication. Having the ability to clearly map and communicate processes for managing complex problems.
  • 🗯️ You default to action over discussion. To avoid getting stuck in discussion, you collect new feedback, try out a different approach or gather data with a proof of concept because you trust the process.
  • 👑 You thrive on ownership: “This is not my job!” is not part of your vocabulary - you are intrinsically motivated to deliver value by taking initiative and challenging the status quo.

Our Offer

  • Competitive Compensation. Adjustable with your appetite for stock options.
  • Obligatory stock options program. We want you to be a true owner for the long term.
  • Direct exposure to leadership team & board. You will be witnessing everything firsthand.
  • Full-time contract, flexible when needed. We try to find the perfect balance for you.
  • We will bring you to Berlin. If required, we will support you with your relocation & Visa sponsorship.


  • 🕑 Flexible working hours: We try to minimize the number of meetings (no external meetings before 2pm) and maximize our hours of focused deep work.
  • 💎 Make a real impact: Shape the experience for our customers and us alike. Decide on tools, processes and our go-to market, while we are building, learning and growing together.
  • 👩🏽‍💻 Build your perfect setup: Mac/Linux, Mechanical Keyboard, Screen. These are not expenses but investments. Tell us what is needed to make you productive, and we'll take care of it.
  • 🏢 Onsite first, but remote flexible: We want to provide you with a work environment that works best for you, but believe it is helpful if you spent a decent amount of time with us in Berlin.
  • 🎳 Open Culture: modern methods and a diverse, creative culture with a collaborative international team. We also really enjoy a good board game now and then and are highly competitive in code names
  • 📈 Grow with us: We take your personal development seriously. This means that we make sure to constantly mentor and challenge you, so you can reach the next level.

About the process

Hiring can be an exhausting process, especially when you're the one getting hired. Therefore, we make this experience fast and transparent for you. You will spend a lot of time with Max to build a meaningful relationship throughout the process before also getting exposure to the leadership team and our board to meet all key people you will work with.

  1. Introductory Call with Max - Co-Founder | 60 minutes
  2. Deep Dive Problem-Solving with Max - Co-Founder | 60 minutes
  3. Get to know Florian - Product lead | 30 minutes
  4. Get to know Matias - CTO | 30 minutes
  5. Meet one of our board members | 30 minutes